jueves, 8 de noviembre de 2012

HOT AND COLD IN ¿DEAD'S DAY? (Día de muertos)

Hi all! I present this new type of post that I hope will combine their ideas for winter outfits. During these months, every time I go up a post with what I'm wearing these days of cold, I will put a photo where I am using some of the main parts of my outfit but in a summer look. Not everybody have the money to change completely our closet every change of season, so the best we can do is get juice to our closet and let your imagination fly.

VELT: Zara
BOOTS: Sexy Jeans
DRESS: Pull&Bear

These are some photos that i take in "Día the muertos" (¿Dead's day in english?), in a "ofrenda" that is near for my house.  I decide to use my white dress with my stars tights because i thing that i look like a phantom :) (well in my mind i was a moderm phantom jaja). About the dress: is incredible the way you can mix dresses with a lot of accesories and other types of clothes for obtain different outfits for different seasons!. 

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